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Impact Church Resources is here to serve you.  Yes, with curriculum, VBS, Bibles and more, but also with other help to encourage and assist you in your ministry.  Here is a little about me:   -Popular speaker at Regional and National Education and Children’s Ministry conferences -National speaker and education consultant.  Past positions with Gospel Light and eChurchDepot -Articles published in Kidzmatter magazine which labeled me the ‘VBS Answer Man” in 2015 -Served on the Board of Directors of INCM, the hosts of the Children’s Pastors Conference -Walk Thru the Bible Old and New Testament Live Event Instructor -Bachelor and graduate school degrees in Theology and Education   What you really need to know about me is I am all about helping you in your ministry.  All of my career has been given to finding and providing helps for those who serve in the church. For a couple decades I have worked with and have good friends in all the publishing houses.  Grounded in my education, experienced in ministry and being blessed with a wonderful network of amazing leaders in church ministry, especially Kidmin, I am here to assist in any way I can.   My days are filled with providing the materials we use in the church, but my joy is daily visiting with folks just like you who serve in the church about your ministry and, if I can, offering some help.   How can I help you today?  

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